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Thread: Shall-issue permit?

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    Ive been looking everywhere for the definition of "shall-issue" in regards to a CCW. Please explain what this means. Thanks

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    Shall Issue means the permit issueing authority of the state 'shall issue' a CHP upon application if the applicant is not otherwise disqualified.

    Compared to 'May Issue' meaning the government authority 'may' at their discretion issue a permit.

    If you apply in Maryland, a may issue state, you must supply them with a, in their eyes, good a valid reason for 'needing' a permit. In shall issue states you do not need a reason.

    In a nutshell a shall issue state must issue a permit if you are not otherwise disqualified. In may issue states it is at their discretion. Some shall issue states are also call Right To Carry states.
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    VAopencarry scores a bulls-eye on this answer. Just to add something for people that might come on this thread at a later date and may be applying in a "may" issue state.

    When you prepare the justification in "May issue" states, the justification should focus on why you need to conceal the weapon, not why you need to carry it in the first place. While you may need to also justify the need to carry at all, the questions is really a set up. What they are really asking is for you to explain why the weapon should be hidden from common observation. This difference has tripped up a lot of people. Hopefully all states will someday be "shall" issue.

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