If you are a member of Texas Citizens Defense League I suggest that you join Texas State Rifle Association as they are willing to adjust their legislative priorities to represent the interest of their members.
If you are already a TSRA member, please send the executives e-mails letting them know that you want open carry legislation to be placed on the legislative agenda.

Thank you for taking the time to respond to my message. As you noted that you respond to your members I will be rejoining TSRA. With regard to your comment that you are responsible for answering to the legislature, I hope that you will rethink that one.


AGTripp@aol.com wrote:

Original e-mail from 44Brent


I am a former resident of Texas who got my CHL in 2000. I left the state in 2002 after the computer & telecom industries crashed, and hope to return in a few years.

After having lived in a couple of different states I was quite surprised to find out that open carry is not only legal in most states, but socially accepted. When living in North Carolina I openly carried frequently and even received "thumbs-up" for doing so from police. Now I am living in the liberal part of Washington near Seattle and openly carry without any problems, and this is the state that has elected Jim "Baghdad" McDermott, and Patty "Osama" Murray to Congress!

Are you aware that open carry is legal in states like Massachusetts, Connecticut, Vermont, Maine, Delaware, and New Hampshire? As a Texan I am actually embarrassed that Texas has more restrictive laws than those states with regard to the manner in which a pistol may be carried.

I have learned that the Texas Citizens' Defense League has been created to fix the open carry prohibition in Texas, and am requesting that you join them in making open carry a legislative priority in the next legislative session. Also, I am hoping that you will also work on removing some of the hodge-podge of restrictions on places that are "off-limits", such as the educational institutions.
Dear Mr.X

Your letter was forwarded to me so while James Dark may answer you, allow me to add my 2 cents.

If there were a significant interest in Texasin passing an open carry law, we'd definitely consider running a bill.At the moment TSRA has 21 bills on our legislative agenda, including 3 antigun bills.

Sorry if you're embarassed by Texas law but every state and the population of that state is different and their laws evolve differently. TSRA works toward the greatest good for the largest number of our members. We answer to our membership and to our Legislature.

Thanks for your letter.

Alice Tripp
Legislative Director
Tx State Rifle Association