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Thread: More IDIOTS at work "protecting" us!

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    You have got to see this page to believe it!

    Here is an Email I sent to the IDIOT webhost, I doubt they are smart enough to get the message:

    I agree that people should NOT be able to take the law into their own hands. I believe that there should be a heavily armed policeman on every street corner with the authority to enter your house without cause, to protect your family at the first sign of danger. Also with the absence of licensed armed citizens to defend themselves from rapists, murderers and other violent offenders we need a strict LEGAL deterrent. The death penalty should be nationwide for all rapes, murders, and aggravated assaults with deadly weapons. Surely you see the epidemic of violent crime in America and agree something needs to be done about it. The armed citizen protecting herself from the 200 Lb rapist with a licensed handgun is not a good option. I recommend you petition the US Government to institute these measures immediately to protect my family. I trust the supreme power of the police and the US Government to keep me safe!

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    i looked at the link. i think it should be almost like that everywhere. i also noticed a link to the brady site. it had a story about the teen in utah. all they are worried about is how he got the gun. they should be worried about who is teaching and brain washing these kids. there was no mention that there was a mosk about three blocks away.

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