"Complaint filed against city police officers," The Potomac News, by Elisa Glushefski, 21 February 2007, at http://tinyurl.com/2842m2


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A Springfield man filed a complaint Friday against the Manassas Police Department, saying that an officer's ignorance of Virginia's open-carry weapons laws created an unnecessary and tense situation for him and six friends at a city pizza restaurant.

On Jan. 13, Russ Troxel said he and six other members of a Second Amendment rights Web site forum Opencarry.org met at Tony's New York Pizza for dinner.

According to Troxel, they walked in with their guns holstered at their sides and ordered their food.

Virginia is known as an open-carry state. While carrying a concealed weapon requires a court-issued permit, no permit is required to carry a gun in the open.

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