First off, in case you don't check the "number of posts" stat on the left before reading newbs posts, i'm a newb here. So, hi, take it easy on me.

I'm looking at this new assault rifle ban (HR 1022). First, I wanna do everything I can to stop it and Second, if there is even the smallest chance in hell it makes it through I wanna make sure I buy a few new guns before it goes into effect.

So, give me a quick civics lesson if you know how this stuff works. I have read on the THOMAS info page for this bill that it has been "Referred to the House Committee on the Judiciary". So what happens next? Does the Judiciary Committee refer it to one of the sub-committees? Does the "chairman" decide which sub committee it goes to? Because i see two committees it could fit in, "Crime, Terrorism, and Homeland Security" or "Constitution, Civil Rights, and Civil Liberties". My thought here is, is there any way we as a lobby could influence which of these committees gets it (if any) and if so, which would we want to get it?

I'd like to find out when it will be discussed, and by whom, so I can contact each one of them, maybe in person since I'm so close to D.C. and am so adamantly opposed to this idea.

Your thoughts?