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Thread: Only if she was armed...

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    Va. Beach Police say a woman fought back against a rapist in her bedroom.

    She woke up Saturday to find a man with a knife standing over her. "He grabbed my hair and wrapped around his hands pulled a knife on me, telling me to turn over," she said.

    Police say Edward Darden got in through her window at the Carriage House Apartments.

    Police said they struggled, and he hit and strangled her as he forced himself on her.

    "I was so quiet. He's like 'why are you being quiet?' so he started strangling me to get me to yell," she added.

    She said she begged him to stop, but she finally got a break when he put the knife down. "I said you know he's going to kill me anyway, so I took the knife, stabbed him with it and ran."

    She said she ran downstairs and that Darden, knife still in his back, ran after her, yelling he was going to kill her.

    Darden was arrested two doors away at his sister's home.

    He's in jail on charges of rape, forcible sodomy and breaking and entering.

    The woman said she's moving out to keep her family safe.

    >> Get a alarm system and a shotgun . I'm sure things would have went differently had she been armed.

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    At least she got a good stab in. I think that would definitely be a wake-up call for her to invest in a lead delivery system.

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