1) Once again you guys are awesome.... between the PayPal donations and the promises of 'the check is in the mail' it looks like we have all expenses for bringing Suzanna Gratia-Hupp here covered. I'll give a report in the next update.

2) In addition to Suzanna Hupp, we also have word from FirearmsCoalition.Org that Jay Knox (widow of longtime gun rights advocate Neal Knox) will also be here for the hearings. I also phoned Sandra Froman, President of the NRA today and left a message on her voice mail inviting her to attend, though with the short notice her attendance seems a remote possibility. I've heard from a dozen more women who will be there, but we'd like to have the hearing room full of women. If you are a woman who can be there please join us. If you know a woman who supports CCW and can be there please see that she makes it there. If you're a guy who can pass for a woman ... OK .... just kidding ... but we'll have the most impact with a large turnout of women.

4) Directions - for those of you who can join us:

From Route 50: Take Exit 24 onto Rowe Boulevard towards Annapolis.
Park by the Navy-Marine Corps Stadium: Turn right at
the 2nd light onto Taylor Avenue and then take the 5th right (Gate #5) into the
$5 a day parking lot on the far side of the Navy-Marine Corps Stadium. Walk to
the bus stop shelter, where you can catch a free shuttle to the downtown and
government buildings. The Shuttle runs every 15 minutes.
There is NO parking available at the Miller Senate, Lowe House, or State House

Shuttle Bus: Get off the Shuttle at Lawyers Mall. Ask the driver to tell you when
you get there (it's about the 5th stop). As you get off the bus at the bus stop,
Legislative Services Building will be directly in front of you, and the Lowe House
Building will be directly behind you. Crossing the street (College Avenue) at the
crosswalk you will go straight down Bladen Street along the left side of the House
building 3/4 of it's length to the public entrance. YOU WILL GO THROUGH
ID TO GAIN ENTRANCE TO THE BUILDINGS - no knives, guns, nail files, etc.

The best plan is to be there before 11:30 AM and sign the roster to give oral testimony (outside the Judiciary Hearing Room) then head back to Lawyers Mall for the noon press conference. The hearing will start at 1 PM back inside.

5) We put out a Press Release again today:

or http://tinyurl.com/2txwoy

This is the 3rd Press Release we've done this year, putting them out through the respected national service US Newswire. The first release was not picked up by any Maryland news but was picked up in CA, IA, TX, NC, MI and NY. The second one was picked up by only one Maryland news outlet (City Biz) but was picked up as far away as Spain. It'll be interesting to see which, if any, Maryland news outlets pick up this one.

6) We hope to have some web updates done later tonight -- Peter Bagnell has written a great rebuttal to the CeaseFire "Every 48 Hours" and we'll put up links to the ProGunProgressive.com rebuttal to "Every 48 Hours" both to go on the AWB page, and also some links to pro-gun discussion groups for the Links page. If you find legal issues and precedents interesting be sure to download and print out the MSI AWB testimony and the legal analysis - rebuttal of the 1994 Attorney General's Opinion that the 2nd Amendment doesn't apply to Maryland.

- Henry Heymering, President

Maryland Shall Issue, Inc.

P.O. Box 314

Libertytown, MD 21762



Girls Just Want to Have Guns

ANNAPOLIS, Md., March 7 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Maryland Shall
Issue, Inc. notes that this Friday at noon, dozens of women are expected to
show up for the Lawyers Mall press conference and then hearing on HB 228, a
bill to make the process of granting concealed carry permits
Maryland's system for concealed carry permits is so cryptic and
discretionary that no one can guess who will be considered qualified for a
permit and who will not. The result is that people who are qualified won't
bother to apply for fear of being turned down and losing their $117
application fee. Very few people fall into the category Maryland considers
'qualified' anyway. Soldiers who carried guns to protect our country cannot
get permits to protect themselves and their loved ones here at home. Even
the security guards that wear guns to protect the legislators in Annapolis
cannot get permits to protect themselves. Maryland has about 11,000 active
concealed carry permits compared to about 200,000 permits in 'anti-gun'
In addition to the typical FBI and local background checks required in
most all of the 40 non-discretionary states, Maryland requires that the
applicant show an undefined 'good and substantial' reason to carry a weapon
for self-defense -- as if Maryland's ranking #1 for robbery rates and now
tied for #1 in murder rates is not 'good and substantial' enough. These
women want to have the means to defend themselves from being robbed, raped,
carjacked, or murdered rather than simply being on the phone to 911 while
that happens.
The bill's lead sponsor, Democrat Delegate Dan Riley of Aberdeen will
introduce former Texas legislator, and survivor of the Luby's Massacre,
Suzanna Gratia-Hupp. Ms. Hupp, following Texas law at the time, left her
gun in her vehicle while eating lunch with her parents. As a result, she
was unable to defend herself or her parents and both her parents were
killed along with 20 other patrons.
Guns in the hands of the law-abiding citizen have been shown to be the
best deterrent to rape, robbery, carjacking, murder, and any crime of
violence where the victim is outweighed and/or outnumbered by the
For more info Contact: Henry Heymering, President of Maryland Shall
Issue, Inc. 240-446-6782

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SOURCE Maryland Shall Issue, Inc.

Just some of the articles i've picked up about the buzz on carrying rights in Maryland. We'll see what happens!