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Thread: Pocket style holster for non pocket guns?

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    Hey everyone,

    Not technically an OC question, but I know you guys better than any other gun forum gang...

    The better half is taking an interest in shooting and self protection so I did what any sensible man would do, I bought her a gun! A XD-9 subcompact, to be precice. So now we have run into the problem of carry.

    While I would love for her to OC, I don't think it is reasonable to hope for that. The first big problem is that she never wears belts. Ever. So any kind of belt holster is out. An IWB holster that doesn't depend on a belt to clip on would probably be OK, but at least in the beginning she has indicated a desire to carry in her purse.

    Now I would be happy to buy her one of the Galco or other purpose built purse, but she's soooooo attached to her Vera Bradley bags. Not wanting to look a gift horse too fully in the mouth, I'm willing to go along with this until I can convince her otherwise.

    So, the point of this longwinded question is that I'm looknig for something to protect the gun and prevent AD while she is carryingin her purse. There is already a seperate, zippered compartment she will use, but I would like additional protection for the handgun. A pocket style holster would work great, but I've never been able to find one for something as "big" as an XD-9 SC.

    Any ideas out there?

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    Well, I've been known to use the Uncle Mike's cheapo IWB as a pocket holster (for a .45, so it sticks out a bit). With a little creativity, it could be an easy and cheap solution. I would recommend a couple safety pins or a bit of sewing to keep it from shifting in the purse's pocket (and to make sure the draw leaves the holster behind).

    Of course, that might be more modification than she'll want for her treasured purse.

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