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Thread: question on carring in a sheriff admin. bldg.

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    Though, I thought I knew the VA laws on Carring, I thought I would ask First. Tomorrow, I will Be attending a Hunter Safty Class With my niece, it is held in the Chesapeake Sheriff Admin. Bldg. This building is across the street from the jail, and court house. I want to carry but, do not want to break any laws. Any help please!

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    If that building is considered part of the courthouse then you cannot carry. If it is JUST a sheriff's building then you should be fine b/c of state preemption laws. (IANAL so this is not legal advice.)

    One the other side of the issue, the class probably has a no loaded weapons in the classroom rule. The instructor may ask you to put your firearm in you car. The hunter safety course I took in Chesterfield had that rule. This is because they have guns there to demonstrate their function and safe handling procedures. If you can conceal however, they would not know.

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