I just wanted to take a moment to give a deserved good mention for Carol Snow, Fairfax County Circuit Court Deputy Clerk.

I noticed my name omitted fromthe Roanoke Times' CHP database. Rather than wait for a police officer to check my permit at some future stop, and have a problem because I wasn't in theVSP database, I called Carol Snow to get it sorted out.

I left her a message at noon, giving heran idea what I wanted andthe file numberfor my permit,telling her I would call back in the afternoon. By the timeI returned fromsome appointments in the mid-afternoon, she had leftmea message: She hadpulled my file, checked it,called VSP and confirmed that I was in fact in the database. Her message was pleasant and showed concern that I had maybe been unable to buy a firearm.

I returned her call just to thank her, even though I had what I wanted--name in VSP database. Shereiterated thatshe was concerned that maybe I had been unable to buy a firearm, adding the possibility that thedatabase-absence had come up in a traffic stop.

She said she sometimes faxes permit info if needed for a gun purchase, I guess to VSP. I didn't get into details about the circumstances.

I wish all gov't employees were that friendly and helpful.