To be fair, Webb's not exactly a gun control nut. But this is currently developing on Drudge.

SENATE STAFFER BUSTED FOR CARRYING WEBB'S LOADED GUN... Phillip Thompson, executive assistant to Senator James Webb (D-VA ), has been arrested by Capitol Hill Police on Monday for 'inadvertently' holding the senator's loaded gun, according to a person close to the investigation. A Senate staffer reports that Thompson was arrested for carrying the gun in a bag through security into a Senate office building while the Senator was parking his car. Thompson was booked for carrying a pistol without a license (CPWL) and for possessing unregistered ammunition. According to congressional rules, congressmen and senators, not staff, are allowed to have a gun on federal property. Developing...

Can't quite decide what I want to happen here. Sure, it'd be great to have things in DC overturned. But it'd be great to have a court precedent too.

Though, as a brief aside, a colleague checked with a source close to Parker, and as far as Marion Barry's attempt to destroy standing by waiving registration restrictions for 90 days, this source close (and by close, I mean very close) said that the courts could see through something that transparent and wouldn't toss the case. Don't know what would happen if congress did it (as the GOP tried to do by tacking a gun-ban repeal onto the DC voting law last week).