I'm happy to report that there are some new OCers amongst us!

I was OCing while grabbing some coffee at the 29th Street Mall's Starbucks this morning, when one of the servers said, "I've got two questions for you: what are you carrying, and how do you get a permit in Colorado?" Since it was pretty clear that he at least new the basics about carrying, I told him about contacting the sheriff's office to get the paperwork, along with a couple good places to get the required training to turn in along with it. He told me that he had been thinking about it for a while and already had a Washington State permit (I told him to check Packing.org for reciprocity, although it seems he'll be disappointed)... and if he didn't want or couldn't use his Washington permit in Colorado, that he should start OCing and check out Opencarry.org for the finer points of the lifestyle, as it were

He said that no, he was too worried about being hasseled, or even arrested for doing it; that in Washington, you needed license as an armored car driver or a security guard, etc, in order to do it legally. I told him that it wasn't like that in Washington and that Opencarry.org had the details for his old state as well. I also further reassured him that despite what he might think, except for Denver, it was perfectly acceptable to OC throughout Colorado to his heart's content, and that I had OCed right in front of two cops on the street here in Boulder without so much as a second glance in my direction.

That said, he nodded and opened his eyes ever so slightly in that sort of "moment of discovery"... and all the better, one of the other patrons behind me said "I never knew all that, I might just give it a try myself" in an enthusiastic manner.

All of this comes a few weeks after my formerly gun-warry girlfriend started OCing herself; there might just be hope for this town yet!