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Thread: Funny OC experience in Walmart

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    I was OCing my Sig 229 at Walmart in Christiansburg on Saturday afternoon. I was at the sporting goods counter buying a couple bottles of manly cologne (Hoppe's #9). They were pretty busy and someone was getting some sort of license so it was taking a while, but I was waiting patiently.

    There was a man there with 2 little kids also waiting. Then one kid walks up to me and says, "Are you working?" I think, uh oh, out of the mouths of babes - this kid thinks I am a LEO. I look down - the kid couldn't be older than 4 or 5. I say, No I am just shopping. Then he says, "What is that?" I am about to explain that it is a gun, but I look and see he isn't pointing at my gun, he is pointing at my keys.

    Those are my keys.
    What are they for?
    They go to my car.
    Where is your car?
    It's in the parking lot.
    Well I don't see it.

    Then we all just started to laugh. Between a gun on my hip, and keys hanging from my belt, the kid is infatuated with the keys. It was pretty funny. All in all - it was another great Walmart OC experience - I have never had an issue at that location.

    On a side note - I also ran into a VCDL member in Kroger in Blacksburg on Saturday night (saw his Molon Labe hat and figured I would ask him). If you are him, it was nice to meet you.

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    Typically you won't get too much response in this part of the state. Just from the occassional paranoid soccer mom who thinks all guns are bad. Most of the time it is just like you said, from folks who may not know the legality. I have a friend at church whose husband's gun safe is the size of a small room and she didn't know that OC was legal in VA.:shock: Even though her husband is an avid sportsman, she said it is disconcerting to see someone with a gun on their hip.

    I guess we still have some education work to do.

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    shdwrdr wrote:
    Even though her husband is an avid sportsman, she said it is disconcerting to see someone with a gun on their hip.
    That's a shame. Aside from the obvious advantages of open carry, it is disappointing that she doesn't appreciate the FREEDOM afforded to citizens of a state that allows open carry. Here in AL, if I open carry, I lose my concealed carry permit at best, and at worst, enjoy a free trip to the slammer. It is interesting to test these types of people to see if they would like more restrictive laws and increased government scrutiny in every part of their daily life, or if they just have something against guns, but want their idea of freedom maintained, even at the expense of others.

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