And this just in from VCDL - WMAL's Chris Core waves white flag re: publication of HIS personally identifiable information!

Subject: VA-ALERT: CNN story runs. Chris Core waves white flag.
Date: 4/3/2007 1:52:30 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time

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The CNN story ran Monday night around 8:30 PM. It was actually well
done. I personally didn't get much air time, but the air time given
instead to the two victims of the Roanoke Times' attack on permit
holders was probably more important to the story.

Basically the story, the host, and most of the discussion panel gave
the Roanoke Times another black eye ;-)

The crime scene pictures of Teresa Sayers, who was stabbed eight
times by her husband, really brought home just how very close she had
come to a violent death.

And seeing parole officer Hassan Thomas' wife and baby who were home
by themselves when the first parolee decided to drop in on them, also
caused me to take a deep breath at what could have been.

Hopefully there will be video available in the next day or two, but
in the meantime I have posted the transcript at the end of this alert
(due to its length).


As you recall last week WMAL's Chris Core said that permit holders
should not mind having their personal information published on the

In yesterday's VCDL Update I decided to see how Chris liked having
HIS private information posted on the Internet.

He didn't and he is waving the white flag already.

His timing is excellent because once that alert went to 5,800 gun
owners, several of you provided a new batch of private information
about Chris that I was about to run.

The information in that alert would have made the original alert look
like peanuts!

Here is what Chris emailed one of our members (who had forwarded the
VCDL alert to Chris). Sounds like Chris got a whole bunch of emails
from gun owners:

"yes i get it. please tell the person to stop. my wife is pretty
upset. thanks. legal has been sent a copy of all my boss's
request not mine. cc"

Anyway, since Chris now gets it, it's time to bury the hatchet and move on.

Please do NOT send Chris any more emails on the privacy issue.

. . .