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    So I was wandering around Wal-Mart while the girl shopped, and I ran across the Guitar Hero demo for the xbox 360. Oh yeah, I had my SW99 on my hip. Anyway I started playin with it, and the girl showed up and started watching, then two guys about my age showed up as well. After I was done, I told the girl I wanted to buy it and the other guys laughed and said it was a really kool game. I mentioned how expensive it was, and one of the guys said "yeah, it's kinda hard to spend the money when I know I could put it towards a new gun ." I laughed and said "yeah, I know EXACTLY how you feel!"

    Then he said "yeah, I noticed your carry. What is it?" We proceeded to have a nice conversation about my Smith, his XD, "glock" action vs. sa/da, etc. while the kid tried to play the game. I noticed an older woman hear our conversation and get a very concerned look on her face before she scurried away. (*sigh*, sheeple)

    Anyway it was just nice to be able to relax and be myself in public, and even strike up a GOOD conversation with a guy all while I was carrying.

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    I've yet to open carry in the Wal-Mart here, someone told me they have "No firearms" signs up. I'm on my way down to the gun shop to take a look at some decent holsters and I've got to stop by Home Depot over on Western Blvd. to pick up a pump for my landlord. I'll see how everyone reacts there.

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