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Thread: "Safety Procedures" vs getting a gun?

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    Here is another sad ending for someone who made all the proper "notifications" and relied on others for her safety. And another sad news article which doesn't mention the lack of self relience for defense. I'm sure this was another "no gun - safe area".

    SEATTLE (AP) — A University of Washington safety team was not notified of pleas for protection made by a worker whose ex-boyfriend killed her on campus Monday, school officials said.
    Had university police or administrators in the school's College of Architecture reported Rebecca
    Griego's requests for help, officials could have moved her office to a different building and increased patrols, said Mindy Kornberg, university human resources vice president.

    Griego, 26, was shot at her office by Jonathan Rowan, 41, who committed suicide.

    "Our hearts truly go out to the family and this is a horrible tragedy, and we really are looking to learn from this," Kornberg told The Seattle Times. "We hope this never happens again."

    Colleagues said Griego had been taking drastic measures to avoid Rowan in recent months, including moving and changing her cellphone number.

    In a March 7 e-mail to co-workers at the university's Runstad Center for Real Estate Studies, Griego said she was having a "serious stalker issue." She included photos and a description of Rowan, and said the only places he could find her were at her sister's home or at her office.

    Griego had filed for a protection order against Rowan, alleging threats and violence. University police said Griego also had reported that Rowan had called her at work with death threats.

    Kornberg said she did not know why neither police nor academic officials followed procedures for notifying the university's human resources department about
    Griego's complaints.

    If they had been told, human resources officials could have mobilized the school's workplace violence prevention assessment team, she said. That team could have developed a plan to reduce risks to
    Griego's safety, including moving her, changing her phone number or beefing up patrols, Kornberg said.

    Ray Wittmier, the university's assistant police chief, said he was unsure why police didn't notify human resources or the police department's representative on the violence prevention team about
    Griego's complaints.

    Griego's supervisor at the Runstad Center, professor Jim DeLisle, did not immediately respond to a request for comment from The Associated Press on Thursday.

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    Yea, rely on your workplace Human Resource Dept. for safety. When is the country going to wake up!!
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