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Thread: Astra A-100?

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    hi , new to the site. i live in short pump va. i just got an Astra A-100 .45cal handgun from someone , which i dont know much about but i plan to open carry soon. does anyone have any tips for newbies and is there anywhere in short pump richmond to avoid? also im having a hard time finding a holster for this gun.. i like the look and style of the fobus does anyone know of a good one for my gun..


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    First, I would not carry any gun before putting a decent amount of rounds down range in it beforehand. If you don't know much about the gun you should really get some practice time with it.

    As far as a holster is concerned - that gun is very similar to a Sig P220. I would recomend getting a non molded leather holster made for the Sig. Take the gun with you into the gun store to try it out in the holsters they have. Take it cased and unloaded into the store - most don't like people handling loaded or possibly loaded firearms in the store.

    I do not think you will be able to get a fobus for it unless your gun has the exact dimensions of the sig. Also I am personally wary of open carrying a gun without some sort of retention device like a thumbstrap.

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    Dixie Bushwacker, welcome to OCDO! Great place, great peopleand loads of info here, make yourself at home! It looks like vt357 hit it on the head, it's a SIG P220 clone, but take it with you to the gun store, they always let you try the holsters (with your unloaded gun of course).

    I concur with vt357, get to know your gun intimately at the range as carrying a gun is most certainly not just for show, but a huge responsibility. If and when the SHTF, you won't have time to think, just react.

    There are a few people here that OC in your area, I'm sure they'll chime right in as to what local places are "gunfriendly" and those that are unfriendly as well.

    Welcome Aboard!

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