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    This is my first post to this site. Great site by the way! I have lived in Alb. for about 12 years. I have only seen 3 people OC in that time. LE exempt. I have always been a gun guy and always notice if someone is OC. I have my NM CHL and always carry concealed. 99.0 %. It is just more pratical and comfortable for me. I went to Sportsmans the other day and noticed they have a new sign, policy, on entering the store with a firearm. It said, " All fireams must be checked."" If you have a CHL you may enter so long as the gun remains concealed" . I'm para pharsing here, but it rubbed me the wrong way. It's ok for CHP holders not to check ,but not ok for OC? MY point is when you OC what other business asks you to check your gun? None. This is the biggest retailer of firearms and hunting equiptment in the state. Bottom line I guess it's all about liability. I have OC, but only once when I went target shooting. I stoped at a gas station with the store that did NOT sell alcohol. Walked in purchased a soda, other customers, no remarks no stares.

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    Welcome NMGLock26 to OCDO! You'll like it here, it's a friendly board with great folks and a lot of useful info. If you have a question, feel free to ask and make yourself at home!

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