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Thread: PA Mandatory Registration and fees per gun???

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    Time to rally our PA carriers around this one! It would seem that this idiot Angel Cruz has no concept of history and what it means to be an American!!

    Read the article:

    What croc of crap!!!

    "Pittsburgh police Sgt. Mike Tracy said the registry would help authorities track straw purchases by providing investigative leads.
    "We're not after the law-abiding gun owners. We're after the illegal owner who has gotten a gun by illegal means," Tracy said."

    What an anti-American jack booted Nazi piece of crap!! Does this guy wipe his mouth with toilet paper after speaking?? He SHOULD!!! This is absolute BULL and the bill author neets to be publicly exposed, flogged and ostracized.

    To think I was considering a job offer in Philadelphia!!

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    Cruz appreciates history , from 1935 Nazi Germany . Registration in 1935 confiscation in 1936 .

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