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Thread: My open carry experiences in NW Indiana

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    I am a new gun owner and am 21 year of age. I applied for my Indiana permit in January of 2007 and was granted in early April of 2007.

    This permit is "Permit to Carry Hangun"Indiana is generally a concealed carry state, probably due to many people thinking it is just downright illegal to carry open.

    I also work for a local bank in NW Indiana and I float to a number of different branches in high crime areas such as Gary, Miller, Hammond, East Chicago, Lake Station and so the list goes on.

    As of this morning I received an email from the FBI and the Indiana state police that there was a man planning a robbery of a bank in NWI and was armed with an AK-47, and was planning to flee to mexico tomorrow, to make a long story short this man since the email i received this morning at 10am, has hijacked a car, dumped a van, and now has a female, and continues to elude police and is in the NWI still at this time.

    I realize there are many viewpoints, not to say one is right or wrong, but I prefer to open carry, I find my firearm much more accessible in this manner.

    And just this morning at a white hen in hammond I walked right in with my firearm loaded and on my thigh/hip holstered, and the police officer noticed but did not give it a second look at all.

    But I assume most of this can be attributed to the way a person dresses also, I wouldnt go out in a flannel tank top and cut off jeans with a gun on my hip, that would probably raise some eyebrows up here.

    I do not normally see many people open carry, in fact the only people i have seen open carry are either correction officers off duty or officers of the court.

    But just thought I would let others from my area know that I have not experienced any problems as of yet, and am glad that it is legal here in Indiana.

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    I live in Valparaiso and I've been open carrying since I moved here in 2000. I've only been stopped once by a State Trooper in a White Castle. He asked if I had a permit and I said "yes". He didn't even ask to see it. He then said "why don't you cover that thing up, you're going to scare some old lady". I smiled and said "why don't you cover yours up?" He smiled back and said "it's a little different." I said "I don't see the difference, but I don't have anything to cover it up with nor do I feel inclined to do so unless you're giving me an order." He said he wasn't ordering me and walked off.

    I told story to a local Sheriff I know who works at a local gun shop (Blythese Sports) this story and he said Indiana wasn't an open carry state. I argued with him and asked where he got this idea. He said our permits specified "concealed carry". I told him he was mistaken and showed him my permit which says clearly I have a right to carry a handgun and it doesn't specify how.

    I spoke with the local Police Chief and he said "I don't care how you carry it, strap it to your forehead for all I care - just have a permit for it".

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