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Thread: Good news for the 18-20 y/olds living in more liberal states!

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    Hey guys. I just spent several hours researching this and coming up with this list, and I figured that I would share it with all of you.


    I have two younger brothers. One of them, the middle brother, just turned 18, and is just as into guns as my father and I are. Now, me and my dad both have our CT carry permits (you must be 21+) as well as permits from a couple of other states. However, being 18, my brother is not yet eligible for a RTC permit, and in CT, you cannot carry either open or concealed without a permit. So, I decided that I was going to be a good older brother and do some research for him into which state’s carry permits he can get as a non-resident at 18, which states have reciprocity with those states, which states allow under 21 concealed carry for someone with an out-of-state permit, and which states honor non-resident RTC permits. Also included in the list (of course) are the list of states where he and others in his situation can Open Carry.

    So here goes. If you are at the age of legal majority (18), but are not yet 21 years old, and if you live in a state which requires licensed-carry-only for those age 21 and older, these are the states from which you CAN get a right-to-carry non-resident permit:

    (Note: “may issue is specified”)

    New Hampshire


    North Dakota

    Iowa (may issue)

    Maryland (may issue)

    Now… According to the research that I did, Iowa has a fairly reasonable “discretionary issue” system, but is less reasonable when it comes to non-resident permits, especially to those individuals under 21. Maryland on the other hand, appears to be VERY restricted issue and hardly EVER issues non resident permits, especially to those under 21. So, for the sake of keeping everything uniform, lets just look atthe “shall-issue”states that you can recieve permits from.

    This means, if someone between the ages of 18 and 20 from the licensed-carry-only for over 21 y/o states (i.e. Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, Tennessee, Georgia, and Minnesota (Indiana, North Dakota, Iowa, and Maryland have 18+ permit issuance and Utah allows 18+ open carry under condition 2)) wants to be able to carry either open or concealed and hasright-to-carry, non-residentpermits from New Hampshire, Maine,and North Dakota, these are the states in which they can carry, and HOW they can carry:

    (Note: OC = Open Carry; CC = Concealed Carry)

    Alabama – OC/CC

    Alaska - Open Carry only

    Arizona – Open Carry only

    Colorado – Open Carry only

    Delaware - OC/CC

    Georgia - OC/CC

    Idaho - OC/CC

    Indiana - OC/CC

    Kansas – Open Carry only

    Kentucky - OC/CC

    Louisiana - OC/CC

    Maine - OC/CC

    Michigan – Open Carry only

    Mississippi - OC/CC

    Missouri - OC/CC

    Montana - OC/CC

    Nebraska – Open Carry only

    Nevada – Open Carry only

    New Hampshire - OC/CC

    New Mexico - OC/CC

    North Carolina - OC/CC

    North Dakota - OC/CC

    Ohio – Open Carry only

    Oklahoma – Concealed Carry only

    Oregon – Open Carry only

    Pennsylvania - OC/CC

    South Dakota - OC/CC

    Tennessee - OC/CC

    Utah - CC/OC

    Vermont - CC/OC

    Virginia – Open Carry only

    Washington – Open Carry only

    West Virginia – Open Carry only

    Wisconsin – Open Carry only

    Wyoming - OC/CC

    So, if you are in that situation, 35 states in total will allow you to carry in some form or another. This is good news for our younger friends living in 21+ licensed-carry-only states, especially in may-issue states!

    On a side note, please be aware that Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, Florida, and Texas ONLY recognize reciprocating states’ permits ONLY when the bearer is 21+ (eliminating the option of concealed, but not open carry in those states (except for Texas and Florida) for those of you ages 18-20 traveling in those states,) and that in Michigan, West Virginia,Florida, Kansas, and Colorado… if you are in this position, your permit is NOT valid, as it would be a non-resident permit and you are thus required to open carry (except, once again, in Florida where it’s not allowed.)

    Now, if you happen to be lucky enough to get an Iowa or a Maryland permit as an under 21 non-resident, that gives you the extra states of…. well…. Iowa and Maryland!

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    Good info, but one thing is missing: Many states that issue non-resident permits/licenses will do so only if you have a license from your home state. I have a number of out-of-state permits/licenses, and I remember having to send in photocopies of my home state permit for many (if not all) of them.

    How many of the states you list will issue a non-resident permit to an 18-year old who does NOT have a home state permit?

    Also, some states offer reciprocity only for home state permits. (For example, I have a Florida permit. It allows me to carry in a number of states, but a few states that will honor a Florida permit for a Florida resident won't honor it for me because I'm a non-resident.)

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    You can forget getting a permit in The Peoples' Republic of Maryland EVER, for any reason unless you are well connected politically.

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    In Pennsylvania, one may openly carry without any permit or license if not prohibited by law from owning or possessing a firearm.

    Certain Pennsylvania counties (Centre County, for one) will issue a non-resident License to Carry Firearms (concealed), but only if you possess a license from your own state and are 21 or older.

    In Philadelphia County (which means the City of Philadelphia), you must possess a Pa.-issued LTCF or possess a license/permit recognized by Pennsylvania to carry either openly or concealed.

    To carry a firearm in a motor vehicle you must possess a Pa.-issued LTCF or possess a license/permit issued by any other state.

    Places off-limits? The Capitol Complex in Harrisburg, state parks, court facilities or school (K-12) property.

    "No Guns" signs, if posted, have no statutory authority and may be ignored.

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    One is allowed to CC in Alaska if 16-20, provided they are out in the field fishing/hiking/camping/hunting.


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    Pa requires that you have your states CC permit if they issue one. In the case of Illinois they require that you have a Firearm Owners ID or FOID card. Illinois doesn't issue a CC permit, but that doesn't prevent someone from Illinois, like me, from getting a Pa non-resident handgun license. The Centre County Pa Sheriffs Department website allows you to download the Pa application, they issue in about 10 days normally. A non-resident Pa permit allows you to carry in 22 states, that is counting Vermont and Alaska, where you don't need it. You need to be 21 to get the Pa license.

    A word of caution, I don't think even if you can get a non-resident permit and are 18 to 20 you can carry in a state that requires one to be 21 to get their permit. Also be advised that some states will accept a license from Pa if you are a resident but not if you are a non-resident of Pa, Florida is one example.

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    Many here in Idaho that are in the 18-20 range have obtained a Maine CWP, allowing them to legally carry concealed in Idaho. Idaho will issue to 18-20 year olds, but only on a discretionary basis, and I do not know of a Sheriff that will issue to that age range at all. Thus we go the Maine route around here.

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