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Thread: What I haven't seen too much of in the aftermath of the VT incident.

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    In watching the news and reading the papers the one thing that I have not seen an abundance of is a call for mental healthcare reform. I have heard calls for gun control and better procedures for doing background checks. However I have not heard a callfor this mentally defective individual Cho being committed after being adjudicated a "threat to himself and others". The talking heads and pundits are skirting the issue but if ever there was a poster child for involuntary committment to a mental institution this guy was it. I want to ask the people who are saying that taking guns off our streets will make them safer if they have ever considered removing the crazy people from our streets to make them safer. Of course they would not want to stigmatize someone as being mentally deficient or diseasedso they blame an inanimate object without feelings as the culprit.(that would be our guns) If any system is broken in this country it is the mental health system. They expect people that are at times completely irrational to be responsible for taking their own medicine. They dumped thousands of people out of institutions to live on our streets shuffling around with no quality of life because mental hospitals were inhumane.(but a life wandering aimlessly with no home or shelter is humane) The system takes an individual who was judged to be dangerous and puts him on an outpatient regimen for treatment. How ridiculous is that? I can understand out patient treatment for non dangerous mental issues. Dangerous patients though should not be allowed that option. It would be like putting Hannibal Lecter on work release.

    Ok enough of my opinions lets hear the thoughts of everyone else.


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    I agree that we need to treat the problem whenever possible instead of reducing/alleviating the symptoms.

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