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Thread: Web Based Research Tools

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    This may or may not be of use/interest to others here

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    May not. 'Mashup,' another neologism like 'proactive' (well, for us old enough to remember when it wasn't in dictionaries).

    'Drawing correlations' is easy, trivial and trite. Post hoc ergo propter hoc being the default. Correlation is not cause.

    Remember the old 'monkeys on typewriters' saw? 'A million monkeys on a million typewriters will write...' something. The post-modern version, the virtual-version, is two internet monkeys, tecladeros, writing the same thing and agreeing define virtual-truth - that may still be a lie.

    Ask your own questions and find your own answers. Believe nothing that you read or hear unless you validate it yourself or it fits your preexisting worldview.

    The 'Ask your own questions...' hung on the wall of a co-workers cubicle, the coworker survived the SL-1 accident. He was/is a smart old cookie.

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