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Thread: Poll Questions You'll Never See

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    Question: In light of the VA Tech tragedy, do you think you should be allowed to carry a firearm on your campus for self-defense?


    Yes. Criminals don't care if guns are "forbidden," and law-abiding citizens need to defend themselves against armed killers.

    No. I would rather let crazed killers like Cho shoot me dead than allow law-abiding citizens to arm themselves.

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    I asked Dr. John r. Lott, Jr.

    Will you comment on the general or particular validity of polls, given the propensity of activists to corrupt polls in their area of interest? Their validity is often argued on rather simplistic statistical grounds that don't seem to recognize bias in the authors or respondents, intended and not. Thanks.

    Doug Huffman
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    Maybe someday...

    On another pro-gun forum I asked

    So, will they defeat us merely by flooding the media with more polls than we can respond to?

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