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Thread: Free Lance Star Hasn't Learned

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    The Free Lance Star is still publishing the names and streets of local, new CHP holders.

    They didn't seem to care that we posted FLS's owner's info on the net. Perhaps it's time to ratchet things up a bit. Maybe the owner's and editors' info (all of it available) printed up on handbills and plastered across the region, will make them think about it.

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    maybe they should be doing FOI requests to find out congressmen that vote against CHP and gun rights that have CHP permits.

    I'd love to see someone put that together

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    I still think the answer here is to have the records closed. I understand the original thinking of the legislature on this point but I think time has proven them wrong.

    BobCav has made a very solid argument that CHP records are NOT conventional government records. WE PAY for EVERYTHING involved in the CHP process. No part of the cost of the process has been left for the tax payer or the general fund to pay. As such a legitimate case is made for those records being private and personal information, owned by the applicant.

    I would much rather see everyone put their energy behind closing and criminalizing publication of these records, that to fight a battle with the press that we will not win.

    The fact is that the records are currently open and as long as they are, there will be some reporter who thinks it is a good idea to print them or post them on the internet. They will do it for no better reason than to irritate gun owners and dirvert us from the real issues.

    We are just spinning our wheels if we think they will stop doing this because we object.

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    Print edition: Sunday, May 6, 2007 Edition, page C7. Article is incorrectly title "Concealed Weapon Permits" and lists the March CHP recipients for City of Fredericksburg and Caroline, King George, Spotsylvania, and Stafford counties.

    It doesn't appear in their online edition.

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