Answering Brady Center.. Again: Academic Freedom and Guns DO Mix.

May 5, 2007

John Longenecker

Because Freedom and Guns mix.
Speaking of academic, the non-profit Brady Center hasn’t learned about Freedom, if their May 3rd, 2007 release is any indication. The Center interferes with American Freedom as it claims to operate in the public interest making the argument against Freedom.

Mentioning in its press releases that the Center is a non-profit, so-called Reports from that organization have amounted, in my opinion anyway, to what the IRS Exempt Organizations publications refer to as unsupported opinion in requirement of non-profits; the Service discourages propaganda for EO’s claiming to educate in the public interest.

The Center’s May 3rd ‘Report’ said that academic freedom and guns don’t mix, and described the NRA’s efforts to decriminalize carrying weapons on campus and in workplace as forcing people. Ladies and gentlemen of America: look who’s talking.

Talk about forcing people, anti-gun tax exempt organizations have succeeded in persuading officials to disarm students, workers and visitors – forcing them to disarm – to the point that mass murderers get the message as to which locales are entirely defenseless. Murderers find them to be as advertised.

The Brady Center has no compunction about forcing people to choose to carry under pain of punishment or to risk dying at the hands of some nut who shares their philosophy of disarmament and defenselessness.

Students are forced to choose between felony or funeral. Emphasis on forced. The Brady center and the officials who cooperate are perfect examples of one-sided force in the wrong hands.

Brady’s ‘Report’ offers reasons why guns must be banned: Drugs and alcohol on campus, suicide and mental health problems, and gun theft. Sounds reasonable at first, doesn’t it? But it lacks support, in more ways than one.

Many gun owners understand that they are Good Will Ambassadors for the Bill Of Rights. In policing themselves, they agree that some people should not own weapons. Rosie O’Donnell, Dianne Feinstein, Chuck Schumer, Mare Bloomberg, Ted Kennedy, any Kennedy, Mare Fenty, Mare Nagin, George Soros.. Yes, some should not own weapons.
The bottom line is, of course, student safety and the students’ civil rights, rights secured by law. How does an organization work against a civil right secured by law?

Irrespective of such arguments against the right and the wisdom of being armed, forcing students to be defenseless is an unrighteous use of force in this country.

But academic freedom and guns do mix. It’s first and foremost the law of the land, a law which every official must protect instead of obfuscate. Talk about freedom… Talk about education . . Obfuscating both is certainly not in the public interest.

John Stossel’s report of his own handed in to ABC’s 20/20 airing Friday May 3rd, pointed to would-have-been school shootings but for armed students who intervened and held the shooter for police. Armed student intervention is one of the most under-reported types of incident, often the more mis-reported type of incident, which is why Stossel placed it in his Mythbuster series, dispelling the myth of gun control based on his book, Myths, Lies and Downright Stupidity.

Gun control doesn’t work. It is a lie and it is downright stupid. Armed students do work and in the public interest a lot more than anti-gun organizations do. In those instances of armed student intervention, many more would have been killed but for the intervention of those armed students present and alert long before police could have been notified, much less arrive.

But for carries a lot of weight in legal persuasion, and it’s a lot more than unsupported opinion.

2008 Candidates: it’s time to consider personal safety and citizen authority as a plank on your platform. It begins with knowing that the rights secured by law have been obfuscated to the advantage of officials who gain from heartbreak and crisis. It’s time to unwind this adverse influence on our society and to respect the sovereign authority of the people, including students and workers.

Your constituents as students and visitors to campus and workplace do not check their civil rights and their authority at the admissions office only to become easy prey for both killers and stubborn officials in known locations.

It’s time to put a stop to marketing personal safety as a commodity to be traded on the open market of political profit-taking as if individual authority didn’t even exist.

It does exist, and that citizen authority trumps the silly inflated unsupported opinion of campus officials.

Repeal all Victim Disarmament Zones.

Repeal all gun laws.

John Longenecker is author of the Case For Nationwide Concealed Carry. Visit

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