Nice story. I get a kick out of "apparently pulled out a gun." Bad writing...

Score one more for the guys who refusevictimhood.

Police clear senior citizen in Kingsport shooting
Published 05/15/2007 By Staff

Lawrence Jennings, of Kingsport, faces assault, burglary and vandalism charges in an attack that ended with him being shot.
After reviewing statements and the evidence from the scene, police say a senior citizen acted in self-defense when he shot a man in a Kingsport intersection.

The incident began last Monday at about 6:15 p.m. According to Kingsport Police, Lawrence Jennings, 46, of Virgil Avenue, blocked the intersection of Nassau Drive and Kingston Court, not allowing his ex-girlfriend to pass. Police say Jennings' former girlfriend was a passenger in the car of Giles Eddie Ferguson, 69, who is her brother-in-law.

Having stopped Ferguson and his ex-girlfriend in the roadway, Jennings allegedly began kick and hitting the car. Police say Jennings cursed the two occupants before he opened the vehicle door and began hitting Ferguson in the face.

It was at this point that Ferguson apparently pulled out a gun -- which he had a valid permit to carry -- and shot Jennings in the abdomen. Jennings then drove to Valero Market on East Stone Drive, where he told the clerk he had been shot. He was taken to Holston Valley Medical Center where he underwent surgery.

Det. David Cole said several witnesses observed Jennings stop Ferguson's car, as well as the shooting. On Tuesday police announced Ferguson's actions were in self-defense while Jennings had charges placed agianst him.

Jennings is charged with auto burglary, for breaking into Ferguson’s vehicle with the intent of committing an assault, and vandalism for causing damage to the vehicle. Jennings bond was set at $6,000 with arraignment scheduled for Wednesday.

Contacted at his home Tuesday afternoon, Ferguson declined to elaborate on the incident.