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Castle Doctrine & PTA Repeal Passes!

Dear MissouriCarry Member,

At approximately 9:24 pm, the MO House took up and passed the Castle Doctrine bill, SB62 by a vote of 151-6.

The Missouri Castle Doctrine Law and PTA Repeal has now passed both the Missouri Senate and tonight the Missouri House! The Bill will now move on to Gov. Blunt who has said repeatedly that he will sign the bill. This is an important victory won by those of you who wrote letters, sent those emails and made countless calls to your elected state officials.

So do you want the really good news? The good news is that the Brady Campaign who currently rates Missouri a "D+" when it comes to gun laws will probably be upgrading us to the much sought after "F" rating in the coming weeks when Gov. Blunt signs the bill. That is when you will truly know that we have done something right here in the state of Missouri.

There is much talk and discussion about what all this bill contains and what all this means going on in the forum. If you have questions about the Castle Doctrine Law, PTA repeal or something else in SB62, please log onto the forum and join in on the discussion threads. Click Here

This is the result that happens when 2nd Amendment orgainzations work together and communicate openly. Our NRA State affiliate, The Missouri Sport Shooting Association deserves much credit along with its leadership. I'd like to thank the following organizations for their continued involvement and cooperation.

Missouri Sport Shooting Association
Gateway Civil Liberties Alliance
Western Missouri Shooters Alliance
NRA-ILA State Liaison, Joel Partridge

If you're not a member of one or all of the above organizations, please take the time to become one and get involved. These victories would not be possible if it weren't for people like you taking the time to make a difference!

Thanks again and keep your powder dry!


Zachary Bauer
Founder of
Board of Directors - Missouri Sport Shooting Association


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