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    I went to the gun show today and bought a new Smith and Wesson 9mm, I really wanted it in all black, but they only had the .40 in black, same price but, I preferred to have it in 9mm.

    The guy who had it in all black wouldnt deal with me on the price, the guy who had it with silver/gray gave me a nice deal.

    Have not shot it yet, but this thing feels better than any gun I have ever held.

    Anyone shot it? -- Opinions?

    Also Smith and Wesson advertise this as a 10+1 mine is 16+1, so I like that too;isFirearm=Y

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    I've handled and fired several of these, mostly the .40s&w model. The only thing I didn't like was the trigger, everything else about the gun was a vast improvement over the Glock (which is the platform it is based on).


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    Nice, but the bore diameter is .05 inches too small.

    It should work well for carry. Happy shooting.

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    If the color is that big of a deal, Duracoat it.

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