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Thread: South West PA LEO's?

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    I was just wondering what some of your experiences have been OC'ing and local LEO's.
    I know LEO's aren't attorney's and should never be asked for legal advice, especially regarding firearm laws!

    But I just moved to SW PA and I want to OC since the Supreme court ruled its legal.

    I OC a lot when Im out in the mountains and very small towns.

    But to be completely honest, Im a little worried to OC in Uniontown, Connellsville and Greensburg areas.

    Sure, the responding LEO will prbably give me a hard time. But I want to avoid spending a day in the county lock up if I can.

    Have any of you OC'ed in those cities?
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    Lived in Greensburg for 20 years and always carried cops there are very polite and have never given me any problems.

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