authorize a person to carry a concealed handgun without obtaining a license to the same extent as if the person had obtained such a license if the person qualifies for a concealed carry license and is legally permitted to purchase a handgun; to remove the requirements that a concealed carry licensee must be carrying the license in order to carry a concealed handgun, must inform approaching law enforcement officers that the person has a license and is carrying the handgun when the person is carrying a concealed handgun, and must submit a new or renewed competency certification when renewing the license; to eliminate as premises in which a concealed carry licensee may not carry a concealed handgun public or private institutions of higher education, places of worship, day-care centers and homes, and government buildings other than schools, courthouses, law enforcement offices, and correctional facilities; to replace the prohibitions that apply only to a concealed carry licensee who is carrying a handgun in a motor vehicle with a prohibition against a licensee who is in a motor vehicle that is stopped by a law enforcement officer knowingly menacing or threatening an officer with a loaded handgun or knowingly pointing a loaded handgun at an officer; to remove the "in plain sight or secure encasement" criterion that a concealed carry licensee must satisfy to legally possess a handgun in a motor vehicle; to provide a self-defense exemption from the prohibitions against discharging a firearm in or on a vessel or motor vehicle; to repeal the "journalist exception" to the provision that otherwise makes confidential the records a sheriff possesses regarding concealed handgun licenses and applications for such licenses; and to amend the version of section 2923.129 of the Revised Code that is scheduled to take effect September 29, 2007, to continue the provisions of this act on and after that effective date.
Rep. Bubp also announced that Castle Doctrine legislation is soon to come.