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Thread: Tips for Henrico CHP newbies

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    Went to get my CHP today being the only day ive had time in like 2 months so i figured id try and give some helpfull info for the next guy seein how i did everything wrong in getting it.. but i finally got it done so thats that..

    police station closes at 3:30

    circuit court at 4:00

    1. first you have to get your fingerprints from henrico police station.. there free

    2. go to circuit court building with prints to apply . when you go threw the security its on the top floor to the right of the stairs..

    3. fill out your application, its only a page not to hard and give the circuit court person your app, finger prints, and 2 forms of ID.. drivers ID , ss card.. etc..

    4. they only accept cash or check.. no credit or debit cards.. total of $50 bucks .. but if you screw up like me you can go downstairs and there is an ATM machine..

    she said henrico has been sending there CHP cards out in about 30 days so hope this helps..

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    I got mine from Henrico in about 20 or 21 so. They mailed me notification and I went picked up next morning.

    By the way early congrats Dixie

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