I know that this is a board primarily dedicated to open carry, But i have a quesiton about concealed carry. Is there any law that prohibits me from carrying a concealed weapon at my residence, without a permit? I searched around the utah code/constitution for a while but didnt find anything that answered my question so i turn to the boards.

An example of the type of situation I am thinking about is as follows.

lets say I am breaking in my IWB holster while waiting for my CCW course on the 30th of june, so I am wearing my gun, concealed, in the house. If I need to get something I left in my car in the driveway (not on the street) does the law require me to take off the gun, or unconceal it (as per regular open carry without a CCP rules)? I have not left my residence, but I am outside of the house.

another question is how would the law change if your residence wasnt your property, but was a rented unit in a duplex, or a triplex, etc.


Thanks in advance for the help