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Thread: CA Couple OK After Home Invasion

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    This self-defense situation is an exemplar to be shown tothe wifey, seems to me, especially if she is gun-averse.

    In this case, the little lady saved her old man's azz. And very probably hers, too.

    Justifiable deadly force can be needed by almost anyone, almost anywhere. Thank God the woman had the ability and sense to go get the gun and use it. I bet the husband bought her a big bouquet of roses.

    This is an exemplar. This case can communicate a comprehensible message to the general public, news media, andeven the most ardent of antis. If this had happened in D.C. or Chicago, these two would have been DEAD.

    Man shot in home invasion try is arrested
    By Bethania Palma
    Staff Writer

    SAN DIMAS - Sheriff's deputies arrested a man shot by a woman late Wednesday after he allegedly entered her house in a botched home invasion, officials said.

    Authorities said Andrice Robinson, 21, of Fontana, is being treated in custody after being shot several times in the abdomen. He and one or two accomplices allegedly walked into a home in the 400 block of Charro Court at about 9 p.m. looking for drugs.

    "The victims had never seen them before," said sheriff's Sgt. Charles Jurcak. "They probably picked the wrong house."

    Jurcak said the men "entered the location, confronted the husband and demanded to know where the pot was."

    When the middle-aged couple told the suspects they didn't know anything about marijuana, the invaders began to beat them, he said.

    While the men beat her husband, authorities said the wife went for the couple's gun hidden in the bedroom.

    When Robinson confronted her in the hallway of the home, Jurcak said, "she fired the weapon several times, striking him in the body."

    The suspects fled, but the wounded man was found by deputies nearby, lying on the ground. He was airlifted to Los Angeles County-USC Medical Center where he is in custody and being treated for his wounds, authorities said.

    Jurcak said the couple was treated for injuries at the scene but did not require hospitalization. He said Robinson is expected to recover.

    Authorities said the incident is still under investigation and they are still seeking the other suspects, described only as African-American males.

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    san dimas CA? thats a BAD area...but its also a good area if your rich... like LA ya know? haha.

    where i live, weve had 2 shootouts in my driveway (thank GOD they didnt hit my 1982 toyota 4x4) drug dealers used to live beside me, and the swat team drug em all out (found a gun in the babys crib, in the toilet, and somewhere else i forgot) but i was awake one night, and i heard "pop pop" and looked out the window, and a guy across the street had a shotgun, 2 guys beside my truck had a pistol (good thing drugees cant aim huh?) and my freakin dog was in the front yard BARKING at them! hahahah! well anyway, thats how SO CAL is :/ (the bad parts) i mean dont get me wrong, longbeach and LA are 10x worse than this place, but still, i cant stand being around so many gangs and stuff, so were movin to UT soon (high home prices, gangs, drugs, CA sucks.)

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