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Thread: Going to Alaska next week

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    Wife & I will be Flying up for a 10 day vacation in Alaska. Have lots of stuff already planned out. This will be state number 49 for us, leaving only Hawaii needed to complete our goal of 50 X 50 (fifty states visited by 50 years old).

    I was so thrilled by my positive experience OCing in South Dakota last year that I'm truly looking forward to doing it in Alaska.

    MY question is, what can I expect if approached by law enforcement, especially in more populated areas like Anchorage.
    , I think you can help here. Are the cops REALLY used to this, as the OC map says?

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    First off, I hope you enjoy your visit to this great state!
    I've started open carrying more and more around Anchorage, especially on warmer days, and I have yet to be approached by law enforcement. So far I've only found one place that doesn't accept people who carry openly, but its a car repair shop. Most places I've been to they'll either give you a funny look, or just simply don't care that you have a gun on your hip. I believe the only people who would actually freak out and/or call the cops are some of the tourists that come from states that have major restrictions on the carrying of firearms.

    Perhaps Murphy can enlighten you a bit more than me, but what I just typed has been my experience so far with OCing here in The Last Frontier.

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