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    Just a word to say Hi to every one.

    I just found this web site and found it to be rite up my ally, I am relatively new to Missouri, I came from the west coast where the gun laws are very stricked, and I have been forced to skirt there unjust laws.

    I have bin carrying a colt 1991-a1 compact for the last 18yrs or so and got exited to fined my self in a state that allows CC, but I would really like OC, does any one have tales of woe with the localLEO in Springfield.

    And being new to the area, I would also like tofined alocal gun club and organisation to help over turn gun restrictionsin Missouri, as well as hanging with like minded people.

    Thanks Mack 12ga

    Also whatispolicy forOCing into other states with OC, do you have to be a resident?. I ask because, I'm an over the road driver and would like toOC when I'm on the road. and is there a national data base to fined OC states or do I have to research each one.

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    Hello Mack,
    Go and sign up on will get alot of goodinfo, but don't expect a lot of friendly OC fellows.Can't answer your question on LEO's in Springfield, but you'll be legal.

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