Just a quick report on two of Larry Miller's properties. NONE of his facilties are OC friendly. All are "posted" in one fashion or another. Since these private policies do NOT carry any weight of law in Utah (except at churches and homes) CC may well be an option in many cases for those who choose to patronize an anti-self-defense business.

I've just spent a morning at his new motor raceway in Tooele. My wife recently attended a concert at the Enery Solutions Arena (former known as the Delta Center). More detailed reports can be read on packing.org at


I won't repeat them in full here as they pertain mostly to concealed carry.

In addition to these, I also report that the entrances to his Jordan Common theater / restaurant main building also has "No Weapns Allowed" stenciled on the bottom of the doors. The detached restaurants are not posted so far as I've noticed.

Other than the ESA where cursory bag searches or even magnatometers may be employed depending on the event (rock concert, ball game, etc), there is NO effort made to actually enforce the policies, so far as my experience goes. But I would not recommend open carry at any of these facilities. Of course, for that matter, I generally encourage NOT patronizing anti-self-defense businesses at all.

Charles Hardy