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Thread: Request for information on audio recorders

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    In numerous threads I've seen it suggested that open carriers should carry audio recorders with them. I'm not a big audiophile myself so I'm looking for some information about them.

    What are the recommended features to look for?

    Any particular brands that are good or should be avoided?

    Any links to law sites that detail audio recording laws? I believe Virginia is asingle party state as far as recordings go but would like to be sure.

    Any information would be appreciated.

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    I HIGHLY recommend this one:

    Lightweight, small, 144 hrs(ep) / 11 hrs on XHQ(extra high quality)

    AND it connects direct to your PC w/supplied USB cable and has good software for pulling and editing/storing the files.

    Unfortunately in PA we are a two party consent state and the LEO are of the opinion that they can record you but not the opposite So it is of little use for me while open carrying. But these things have a million uses. Once you have one you'll use it for things you never thought of

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    I find it hard to believe that any state could prohibit the recording of public officials acting in their official capacity while in a public place; ie: a police officer speaking/ordering/detaining you or a friend in public.

    Seems to me this would violate some kind of 1st Amendment press protection. Maybe we should form the OCDO Press Corps and print up press ID cards!

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    I've never tried this since I don't own an iPod, but Apple sells a microphone for it that turns it into a digital recorder. I've seen them at Best Buy for not that much money.

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