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Thread: Chap Petersen blasts Devolites-Davis' flip flop on guns in effort to reinvent herself as a liberal!

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    The only negative part of Chap's blog item is this: "As far as schools, the state law is clear. It is a Class 6 felony to possess a firearm on school property.No one is seeking to repeal this law."


    Action Item: I guess we need to email Chap's campaign at info@fairfaxsenator.comand let him know that a lot of VA residents & groups want to conform VA's law to federal law and exempt permit holders from the K-12 school gun ban. Other states have done this, inlcuding DE, UT, and OR.

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    You can add to that list Alabama and California, as well.

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    California for all its may issue problems does have great exemptions for LTC holderswhich are similar to the states police exemptions.

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