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Thread: Open Carry Ruther Glen, VA

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    This doesn't fit into any of the other OC threads, so I thought I would just add one. I was out towards Ruther Glen, VA this evening and stopped in at the Pilot to have a sub at the Subway.

    While I was there, I went to the drink machine to fill up my drink. There was a couple sitting near the machine. Both of them had the :what: look as I was filling up my drink (they were not even being conspicuous about it). Gave them a quick nod and smile. Unfortunately, I did not have a chance to see their license plate. So, I am unsure where they were from. Probably PRMD, NJ, NY, CA or any other variant thereof.

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    vrwmiller wrote:
    Probably PRMD, NJ, NY, CA or any other variant thereof.
    Yeah, good chance. You might be surprised how many locals are ignorant of the gun laws though. I've had LIFE LONG pennsylvania residents tell me "handguns are illegal" Not just carrying handguns, the guns themselves! Always remember that we are literally surrounded by idiots.

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