I took (and passed with flying colors...I think. At least the written part) the MSF course this past weekend. Now, I'm 100% legal and ready to get my "M" endorsement.

I didn't find out until literally on my way out on the last day that one of the instructors, who served in Iraq (don't know which time) rides his motorcycle every day, is a Manassas Police Officer. I didn't talk guns at all while at the course, motorcycles were obviously thetopic.I'm just hoping that he wasn't one of theonesatTony's that night. I don't remember the last name offhand (I'mhorrible with names), but it didn't ring in my head as one of the names I remember reading about in the incident.

He's a great guy and I'm hoping that other officers in Manassas view him as an example. Because I didn't talk guns with him at all during the course, I don't know what his standing is on the whole thing, but it would really disappoint me to think he would have the mentality of the officers that harassed the 7 that night.

Oh, and before anybody asks... no, I wasn't carrying during the course. It was on Albemarle H.S. property.