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Thread: UK forgot to tell criminals...

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    Apparently the UK government just forgot to let the criminals know that guns are illegal. I mean, why else would they have anything to do with guns? It couldn't be that criminals are going to get guns no matter what, could it? Nah, I saw on TV last night that the gun ban is working.

    Police raid farm following gun factory tip-off

    Jul 17 2007

    DISUSED farm buildings were being scoured by police this week amid fears that they have been used as an illegal guns factory.

    As the Chronicle Extra went to press the complex in Three Mile Cross was sealed off for a second day after officers moved into the area on Sunday.

    Officers,acting on a tip-off,suspect criminals may have used the buildings to convert harmless imitation firearms into deadly live firing weapons.

    Police said detailed forensic examinations are set to continue at the site, close to Basingstoke Road, for the next few days. No arrests had been made.

    Reading police commander Superintendent Steve Kirk said: "It is too soon to comment about who may be involved.
    "I would like to reassure the local community that the location is secure and they are in no danger. (well, I feel better already!) We would like to hear from anyone that may have witnessed anything suspicious or anybody that has any other information."

    It is not known if anti-terrorist officers have joined the investigation, but the use of converted imitation weapons has grown steadily in recent years. (but wait, you just said the ban is working?...)

    Specialist criminal armourers, linked to the illegal drugs trade, charge hundreds of pounds for the weapons. (Does that mean crime went UP after the gun ban?)

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    I read somewhere that cops were afraid to aproach kids on bikes cause they might pull a full auto on them (after the ban).

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