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Thread: Chicago Cops Brawl

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    Post imported post duty cops, a bunch....guns, a secret amount....alcohol, a BUNCH.... a dash of grieving...a few shreds of pool playing, that insidious devil's game....a dollop of Xmas cheer--stir until almostclosing time... and...voil* !

    Add a cell phone call when cooked--no,cancel that.

    Video Shows Bar Brawl At Center Of Police Scandal

    WATCH: Cops Caught Beating Bar Patrons

    CHICAGO (CBS 2) - A surveillance video shows off-duty Chicago police officers caught on tape in a bar brawl. The video is evidence in a civil lawsuit, as well as a criminal case against the officers.

    CBS 2 obtained a copy of the video Wednesday, and while it is dramatic, it may be significant as much for what it doesn't show as what it does.

    As CBS 2’s Mike Parker reports, days before Christmas last year, several off-duty Chicago cops are shown on tape in the Jefferson Tap and Grille. One of them, Officer Paul Powers, was upset over a death in the family and was being consoled by the others. Later as he got up to leave - for some reason - one of his friends removes Powers' weapon from his waistband.

    Moments later there are words between the officers and some patrons playing pool. One cop sweeps all the balls off the table, and the brawl begins. There was pushing and shoving and Officer Gregory Barnes shoved one of the patrons, who landed on the floor.

    "You get a flavor from the tape that these officers went beyond the limit,” said CBS 2 Legal Analyst Irv Miller. “They were doing things they shouldn't have done."

    The outdoor security camera then revealed what happened when one of the alleged victims stood on the sidewalk and tried to call 9-1-1 on his cell phone. Sergeant Jeffrey Planey seemed to notice, moved toward the man and grabed him by the neck and threw him into the wall.

    "Clearly this officer knew what was coming,” Miller said. “He knew this guy was calling for help. He knew his livelihood was in jeopardy and wasn't going to let it happen.”

    The same camera was rolling as Planey later appeared to wave off arriving police units. The officers follow the order and leave. That action was what led to charges of official misconduct against Planey.

    There is no video of the beatings the businessmen say they got in the vestibule, the entryway of the bar.

    The three officers are not only facing criminal charges, they're also the targets of a civil lawsuit filed by the alleged victims.

    The four businessmen say the attacks were unprovoked and that they suffered broken bones, bruises and back injuries.

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    Post imported post

    Must be something about Chicago cops and bars. Remember this gem?

    I wonder if the person who wrote the "I'll be back" scene of Terminator was from Chicago and was working out his frustrations.

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