Front Sight, a tactical training center near Las Vegas, is offering a free certificate for a 4-day tactical training course of your choosing. All you have to do is host some links on your website, blog page, myspace page, etc.


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This is an odd one, but one that some people will find quite valuable.

"Front Site" is a "firearms resort" located near Las Vegas. It's a large facility where they have all manner of firearm instruction, as well as other survival courses. Until July 30th they have an interesting offer. If you post some links that point to articles about their facility, they'll send you a certificate good for attending one of their firearm courses at no charge. You can choose from Four Day Defensive Handgun, Four Day Tactical Shotgun, Four Day Practical Rifle, Four Day Select-Fire M16, or a Four Day Uzi Submachine Gun.

You can post the info at MySpace, Blogger, Wordpress, Friendster or even your company or personal site.

These courses run about $2,000 (although I doubt anyone ever pays the rackrate). I've taken a course, and the instruction is top-notch. There are usually only 3 or 4 pupils per instructor. Safety is paramount, and the atmosphere is serious, but fun. They operate by selling various membership packages.

You will need to provide your own ammo - up to 1,000 rnds. The Uzi and M16 courses include use of their weapons, and for the machine guns only you'll need to purchase rnds from their armory. Otherwise it's BYO.

Deadline is July 30 (to qualify, course scheduled later) and certs are limited. Check out the details

See you at the Four Day Defensive Handgun Course (S&W J-frame), or maybe the M16 course!

NOTE: After you have placed all our links on your link page, please follow these simple procedures to the letter so the logistics of this amazing offer can run smoothly and effectively and you can receive your course certificate quickly.

E-mail to my assistant, the complete and working link that when we click on it, will take us to your webpage page where you have placed all 39 of the links we provided you in the link above (and Here).
In your e-mail to Doug, give us your statement that you promise to keep our links on your webpage for a period of at least three (3) years.
In your e-mail to Doug, give us your name and address to mail your certificate.
My assistant Doug, will personally review your link page to verify the links are in place and we will then mail you a special certificate, that has no expiration date, to attend the Four Day Course of your choice. The certificate is also transferable, so if you cannot use it, you can always transfer it to someone who can.