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Thread: Proper Holsters?

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    I may have mentioned this before or not but I figured maybe we could have a little discussion.

    Holsters: Obviously with OC the holsters have to potray different features than your average holster. Some of the things I look for are good retention and ease of use. I carry a 1911 so the options are endless. But I own two holsters. A Uncle Mikes Paddle Holster, and a CowTown three position leather holster.

    The uncle mikes has a great retention system. I didn't think so at first just by looking at it but then I used it and the only way to get the pistol out of the holster is with a straight up draw. Not heavy and not too light but I could not get the pistol out anyother way.

    The three position holster has very little retention and it is easy to pull the gun out at any angle. However I do have a faster draw and it is much flatter. I use this holster for CC.

    So now I must ask what do you use and why? What do feel works best? What are your experierences? And finally what is recomended?

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    I recommend something that is easy for you to use, and something you can draw from in the dark, if need be, it should be second nature when you need to use it.

    Everyones preferences are different on holster, even more so than the firearms themselves. If you have something that you are comfortable with and can use well, I don't think it matters if you have it hanging on a necklace or in a vault clipped to your belt, just be alert.

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