Hello everyone... I'm heading up to Mississinewa Lake for some camping, hiking, fishing, etc. in about a month. I'm a Kentucky resident and Concealed Carry Licensee. In reading Indiana threads I saw that there is an exemption for those that don't have a Unlimited Handgun License in the state of Indiana if you have license to carry in your own state. I know there is receprocity between Kentucky and Indiana for concealed carry but I wanted to know if this would apply to my open carry in an Indiana state park or if since Kentucky is a license free open carry state, or if My concealed carry permit would apply in the case of the state park. The info i'm looking at was from the HandgunRulsesPublic.pdf found here http://www.in.gov/dnr/fishwild/about...ulesPublic.pdf which says that exemptions are applicable to individuals that are refrenced in IC 35-47-2-21 (b) - which states

C 35-47-2-21
Recognition of retail dealers' licenses and licenses to carry handguns issued by other states
Sec. 21. (a) Retail dealers' licenses issued by other states or foreign countries will not be recognized in Indiana except for sales at wholesale.
(b) Licenses to carry handguns, issued by other states or foreign countries, will be recognized according to the terms thereof but only while the holders are not residents of Indiana.
As added by P.L.311-1983, SEC.32.

Thanks for all your help!


P.S. - My father works in Indiana but does not live there and he said he'd be interested to know this as well. - Any Ideas at all?