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Thread: WY CC reciprocity agreements being rescinded??

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    Democrat AG Patrick J. Crank (appointed by the Democrat governor) has begun to rescind Wyoming CCW reciprocity agreements with other states.


    Just found out this morning that on 7/25/07 Wyoming Att. Gen. office sent notification to NC Att. Gen. that they no longer honor NC CCW permits. In turn, on 07/27/07 North Carolina returned then dis-favor. Apparently the appointed Attorney General of Wyoming is going through ALL the states laws that they have reciprocity with and dropping those that are not as tough as theirs.

    The problem Wyoming has with NC is that Wyoming does not issue permits to anyone having a misdemeanor drug conviction and North Carolina law doesn't specifically state the same.

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    Thats insane. I used to live in WY and CO, and I'll tell you this. A whole lot of people smoke weed. Its very common to go to a pub and on the outside patio people will be passing a joint around.

    Im not saying thats right or anything, but to limit a persons ability to defend themselves because of a misdemeanor drug charge? Give me a break. Maybe the WY AG should concentrate on WY meth problem.
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    THR link is dead & I can't find anythng on the web about this.

    Anybody care to provide details and a link or 3 to news sites with this info??

    Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation Concealed Firearm Permits
    Wyoming issues concealed firearm permits pursuant to W.S. § 6-8-104. The State of Wyoming recognizes concealed firearms permits from other states, so long as the permits are issued by a governmental agency or entity in that state, the state has permit laws similar to Wyoming’s, including a proper background check as determined by the Attorney General, the permits are valid statewide in that state, and that state recognizes Wyoming permits. The Wyoming Attorney General’s Office eagerly seeks reciprocity with other states pertaining to the concealed carry of firearms, and continues to negotiate with other states for reciprocity in this area. For additional information please click on the links below: Wyoming recognizes concealed firearm permits from the following states. The listing also encompasses those states that have indicated they honor Wyoming permits.
    Alaska Kentucky Ohio Alabama Louisiana Oklahoma Arizona Michigan Pennsylvania Colorado Mississippi South Carolina Florida Montana South Dakota Georgia New Hampshire Tennessee Idaho New Mexico Texas Indiana Utah
    It is extremely important for all concealed firearm permit holders to be aware of the requirements and laws of all reciprocating states. The permit issued by your state does not supersede any other state’s laws or regulations. Legal conduct in your state may not be legal in the state you are visiting.
    Wyoming residents who plan to visit another state that recognizes Wyoming permits, and who also plan to carry a concealed firearm while visiting that state, are urged to contact that state before traveling. This will allow residents to determine all restrictions or prohibitions regarding the carrying of concealed firearms in those states, as well as their laws regarding firearms and weapons in general. Most of these states have web pages dedicated to this subject.
    State firearms laws and reciprocity agreements are subject to frequent change, and furthermore, are subject to court interpretation. Information contained on this page is not to be considered legal advice. You should always contact an attorney licensed to practice law in your state for any legal advice.

    Wyo. attorney general to step down

    CHEYENNE (WTE) -- Wyoming Attorney General Pat Crank will resign Sept. 1 to work in private practice.
    Bruce Salzburg named Wyoming attorney general

    CHEYENNE (AP) - Gov. Dave Freudenthal on Monday named Cheyenne lawyer Bruce Salzburg to serve as Wyoming attorney general

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