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Thread: Is DC listening?

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    Cabdriver Is Charged After Firing Handgun During Fare Dispute

    A dispute over a fare between a D.C. cabdriver and his passenger erupted in gunfire yesterday, police said. Nobody was injured, but the driver was arrested and charged, police said.
    According to D.C. police, a taxi was dispatched about 12:25 p.m. to pick up a passenger in the 4800 block of Alabama Avenue in Southeast Washington, near Fort Dupont Park.
    The passenger wanted to be taken to the 2000 block of Channing Street NE, about five miles away, on the other side of the Anacostia River. The destination is about a half-mile north of Bladensburg Road and New York Avenue.After they arrived, an argument broke out over the amount of the fare.
    District of Columbia taxicabs are not equipped with meters. Instead, fares are computed from a map of geographical zones and an associated table.
    This system, in which the zone in which a street lies cannot always be quickly determined, is sometimes blamed for confusion and disagreements over the correct fare. Basic fares under the system range from $6.50 to $18.90.
    A new effort is being made to replace the zone system with meters.
    It could not be learned if the dispute involved the zone map.
    At some point in the dispute, according to police, the driver, who was outside the taxi, pulled a handgun and allegedly fired one shot into the ground.
    The passenger then turned over an undisclosed amount of cash and fled, police said.
    Larue Wiggins, 64, of the 2000 block of 34th Street SE, was charged with assault with a dangerous weapon.
    In occupational surveys, driving a taxi is frequently listed as one of the most dangerous ways of earning a living, and drivers say that they are constantly in fear of being robbed.

    Notice he wasn't charged with anything else. Like possession of a handgun or possession of ammunition.

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    Don't know the circumstances, but I can tell you that of three uncles who drove in D.C. after WWII on, ALL THREE had loaded handguns they carried under the front driver's seat of the cab. Does not look too smart to pull a gun just on a fare, but again, you need to know the facts before making a judgement. If it was perceived as that dangerous to be a cabby back after the war, can you imagine just how bad it must be after D.C. effectively disarmed its citizens and the bad guys still carry their firearms? Or after hurrican Katrina, or in D.C. today, Chicago, New York and so forth. Our founding fathers apparently knew more about criminals, and more important perhaps, the tyranny of a government that would seek to disarm law-abiding citizens of the republic. It is a natural right to self-defense and came way before the U.S. Consititution and the constitutions of ALL 50 states. Can anyone tell me a REAL reason why anti-gun zealots cannot explain why violent crimes go DOWN with carry laws in the 40-some states that now have them, but go UP in cities like New York, Washington D.C., Chicago and other large cities? Apparently these idiots cannot tell a firearm from a criminal, nor can they understand why criminals really like tough gun laws that take firearms out of the hands by people who are law-abiding. They STILL don't get it!

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    Vir Quisque Vir wrote:
    Does not look too smart to pull a gun just on a fare, but again, you need to know the facts before making a judgement.
    Nah. Goof with a gun.

    He just hurt everyone's gun rights just a little bit...

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