Hey guys I am new here and this is my first post. I currently own a G19 and have recently had the pleasure to shoot a standard Sig p226r with the nitron finish in 9mm:

Cons: Terrible finish was chipping, wish it had a beavertail, just as ugly as my glock IMHO, fear of the SRT (Short Reset Trigger).

Pros: Best handgun I have ever shot (including 1911's).

Now I have come here to ask if any of you guys have experience with this handgun and what your opinion would be to swap my g19 for this uber expensive Sig 9mm in stainless steel. From what I've seen of this handgun I like the beavertail, sights, SS finish, SA/DA trigger.

Finally I have to ask if any one has shot one of these and their opinion of the SRT. I have pretty good control over my handgun and have never drawn it with my finger in the trigger guard (thanks to experience carrying the G19, no N.D.'s here haha). Thanks guys.