It's deja vu all over again...

Help us STOP the Sandusky Register from printing CHL information!
The Sandusky Register has declared war on citizens who have legally obtained a Concealed Handgun License. They are publishing the name, age, and county of residence of every license holder in a five county area.

With this information, criminals can easily find home addresses and compile a shopping list for break-ins, theft, assault, and harassment.

The Register has indeed declared war on gun owners. They are violating privacy. They have likened CHL-holders to sex offenders. They have created a list of targets. They will NOT listen to reason, and they actively suppress viewpoints that disagree with them. They MUST be stopped!


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CORRECTION: A recent mailing conducted by Buckeye Firearms Association inadvertantly stated that The Register had published CHL-holders' confidential information in the print edition as well as online. The names were not printed in the print edition where only subscribers would see, but were made available on the newspaper's website, where the entire world was given access through Internet search engines.